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Aboriginals have little to feel positive about

For the best part of my 40 years’ involvement with my community, with governments, with the political system, with service providers both Aboriginal and NGOs, there isn’t much I can write about that has been positive for the long term. (Dec 2017)


Drop in youth crime rates not reflected in Aboriginal arrests

“I have been alarmed and concerned for many years, I have worked in this area for a good 30 years now and I have never seen any vast improvements we can talk about or promote in our community. We are concerned this is going on and we are concerned the behaviours are getting worse.’’(Dec 2017)

Indigenous youths 28 times more likely to be incarcerated than non-indigenous

“I’ve always said that there is no rehabilitative program that’s working effectively at the moment in South Australia that looks out for young (Aboriginal) people,” (Jan 31 2017)

Helping children with drug and alcohol addiction deemed 'near impossible'

“It’s going to be like this for a long time unless South Australia starts looking at something that is really rehabilitative,” (Jan 9 2017)

Thoughts on the 2016 Closing the Gap report

The release of the Closing the Gap report was Groundhog Day for me


We are at the crossroads

The impact of current government policy of forced removal and closure of communities


The Thirteenth Day

Community letter written January 2012


When death is your life

InDaily article (under "news" tab)


The Letters Patent

The Letters Patent provided rules for the founding of South Australia but have been ignored to this day


The homecoming

A special ceremony was held at the SA Museum to mark the return home of ancestral remains from Berlin


The Freedom Summit

Aboriginal leaders, elders and community members gather in Alice Springs November 2014


How would you like to be me? forum

Forum at the Hawke Centre featuring exciting panel of speakers discussing the compelling issues facing First Nations Peoples of Australia

On this page Tauto shares with you some matters that are of great importance to him.

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