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Cultural competency 

"At no time in our history has cultural competence been more important than it is today." Tauto Sansbury

Cultural competence provides participants with the skills to work effectively with their Aboriginal colleagues and clients, and gain good understanding of Aboriginal people and the issues they face today. Satisfied clients come from the health sector, industry, non-profit and government sectors, universities, professional associations and more. Cultural competency training was tailored to the specific needs of each organisation. Many were regular clients, attesting to the effectiveness of Garridja’s programs.

Tauto's training was based not only on the well documented facts about Aboriginal history, culture and disadvantage, but also on his lifetime’s experience as an Aboriginal man committed to effecting positive change for his people. This really set Tauto's training apart and added to the value of the training and engaged with participants on a personal level.

Garridja training sessions were used to gain Continuing Professional Development points for health and legal professionals.

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Community consultation

Throughout his extensive career, Tauto has conducted and reported on a range of community consultations, for both government and non-government agencies:

-    Australia-wide community consultation as National AJAC chair,
community recommendations for the Ministerial Summit on
     Aboriginal Deaths in Custody

-    Extensive Aboriginal community consultation across South Australia for
Social Inclusion Unit regarding the alleged “Gang of 49″.

-    Facilitation of community health forums in Adelaide’s northern
Tauto’s rapport with his community was integral to successful
community engagement, fostering an open and trusting atmosphere.

This ensured that feedback and outcomes reflected a true picture of community views and concerns regarding issues that impact upon Aboriginal people.


Tauto's personality, knowledge and experiences as a senior Aboriginal man allowed him to effectively engage with mentees of all ages one-on-one to assist them on their journey, whether in the area of employment or in pursuing personal goals and development.

Cultural advice

Working with a range of professionals, including anthropologists, legal professionals, medical professionals, the Department of Defence, Tauto provided cultural advice to ensure that processes and programs are culturally appropriate and safe.

Youth programs

Garridja has facilitated a number of highly successful youth programs/camps, on the Yorke and Eyre Peninsulas, working in partnership with local youth Aboriginal organisations and Elders.

Positive outcomes have been achieved as a result of the camps, helping Aboriginal youth connect to their culture and find their identity.

Tailored presentations 

Tauto was reguarly requested to share his knowledge and insight on Aboriginal disadvantage and specific Aboriginal issues at a wide variety of functions and forums, for professional associations, religious organisations, universities and adult education centres, to name a few. He was also an excellent MC.

Public speaking

Tauto was widely recognised as an excellent presenter and public speaker. He had vast experience as presenter/keynote speaker to a wide range of audiences about all matters pertaining to Aboriginal people, including:

-    Council of Australian Governments (COAG)

-    Keynote speaker, National Indigenous Human Rights Awards

-    Indigenous Psychologists’ Association

-    Members of the judiciary

-    Legal professionals

-    Medical professionals

-    Students of all ages

-    Conferences, including Australian Institute of Criminology   
     Indigenous Community Expectations of Best Practice

-    Community and special interest groups

Pre-employment programs

Tauto provided services to training organisations and those working to prepare Aboriginal people in the criminal justice system for employment upon release.

His lifelong experience and knowledge allowed him to effectively communicate with program participants and provide follow up and mentoring to those who required it.

Tauto was an advocate for Aboriginal people throughout his life across all areas of Aboriginal disadvantage. His knowledge allowed him to speak with authority on a wide range of Aboriginal issues.

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